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Macaroni Penguin

Hi, I’m Zucca, and I’m a Macaroni penguin currently residing at the Newport Aquarium. I came to Newport from the Pittsburgh Zoo, and I have become a staff favorite here due to my friendly and interactive personality. I love to help my keepers with their daily tasks, whether it’s measuring things or trying to take their recording pencils so I can record feeds with them. I’m always interested in what my keepers are doing and love to look at their clipboards.

One fun fact about me is that I have the biggest beak of all the Macaroni penguins here at Newport! Despite my large beak, I am a very sweet and delightful bird, loved by many in the field. Staff from the Pittsburgh Zoo have even reached out to Newport to see how I’m doing since my move! Overall, I’m just a happy and social penguin who loves interacting with my human caretakers.

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Species: Macaroni Penguin

  • Newport Aquarium, Newport, KY, USA