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Humboldt Penguin

Hello, I’m Otto! I’m a Humboldt penguin who was hatched on March 3, 2016 at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York. Since my hatching, I have become quite the celebrity in my community, with my name being voted on by Central New York residents in honor of Syracuse University’s mascot, “Otto the Orange.” In addition to my namesake, I am also known for being a March Madness Penguin, as the Syracuse men’s basketball team made a Final Four run the same month I was hatched.

I have a friendly and easy-going demeanor, which has made me one of the best ambassador animals at the zoo. I love participating in meet-and-greets with guests and hanging out with my keeper staff. While some of my fellow penguins may not be interested in socializing with humans, I am always eager to greet our guests and show them around.

When I’m not busy meeting new people, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with my keepers. I have a particular love for herring, and the bigger the better! I also enjoy showing the ropes to our juvenile penguins, teaching them how to behave and become Very Important Penguins like myself. Overall, I’m just a laid-back and patient penguin who loves being a part of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo community.

Age: 7

Sex: Male

Species: Humboldt Penguin

  • Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY, USA