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Humboldt Penguin

Hi, I’m Monty, the Humboldt penguin that waddled his way into social media stardom amidst COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020. I love exploring the zoo and meeting other animals, and my adventures struck a chord with followers searching for something to look forward to during troubling times. My curiosity and charisma inspired many, with the TikTok video of me meeting our Western lowland gorillas reaching over 1 million views!

My travels about the zoo inspired the children’s book “Monty’s Marvelous Adventures,” written by Dori Edwards and illustrated by Ryan Carr. The book has been a bestseller in our gift shop and stands as a testament to my popularity in our community both locally and beyond! I’m excited to be nominated for March of the Penguin Madness and hope my international fan club will rally in support of me.

Besides being a social media star, I’m kind, cute, and curious! I have a particular fondness for leaves and love to share them with my best friend keeper Ellie and my fellow Humboldt penguins. One of the photos of me that we are submitting shows me proudly holding a leaf in my beak before gifting it to another penguin! I also enjoy singing penguin songs (loudly!), hopping up and down the steps in my habitat, and going for swims with my penguin friends.

Age: 7

Sex: Male

Species: Humboldt penguin