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African Penguin

Hi, I’m Mai! If our penguins were the cast of “Friends”, I would definitely be Monica. I’m a sassy and bossy female penguin who likes things done MAI way. I take charge of building my nest exactly to my liking, even stealing nesting material from my sister’s house. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and make sure everything runs smoothly in our colony.

Despite being one of the smallest penguins, I probably eat more than any of my friends. I just can’t resist my delicious fish! But food is not my only passion. I’m also the social butterfly of our colony and get along beautifully with all of the penguins and my handlers. I’m curious, adventurous, and protective of my loved ones.

I’ve always lived in the shadow of my “perfect” sister Tai, but I recently discovered my own identity in our colony filled with strong personalities. I found my passion for painting and it has been a great journey so far. My paintings have even raised hundreds of dollars for charity this year! I’ve been quite experimental in my use of color, footsteps, and unique tail strokes. Despite my success, I have remained humble among my peers and never let fame go to my head. I’m just a happy and creative penguin, enjoying every moment of life!

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Species: African Penguin