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Magellanic Penguin

Hi there, I’m Fitz! I was hand raised by my caretakers and have developed great social skills with both humans and other penguins. I love spending time with my caretakers, and guests often find me carrying small enrichment items in my beak during encounters. It’s just a fun-filled addition for everyone! I’m quite athletic, too – I’ll climb up to my nest several times a day with a beak full of lavender nesting material during nest building. My team affectionately gave me the nickname “Coach Fitz” because I set a great example for my penguin friends. During presentations, I love parading across the walkway and being a calm companion to the other birds during cart rides throughout the building. I’m just an all-around fun-loving penguin who enjoys being active and socializing with others!

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Species: Magellanic penguin

  • John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL, USA