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African Penguin

Hello, I’m Dory, and I’m a bit of a diva. I love being the center of attention and meeting new people, especially on outreach programs where I get to interact with my adoring fans. But don’t let my diva attitude fool you – I’m also a survivor. I was born with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, which has made me a unique and special penguin. Visitors are always interested in how I’m doing and love following me as I reach milestones and grow stronger every day.

My story of resilience and perseverance has made me a fan favorite at the zoo, and people often come specifically to see me and ask about my progress. I take pride in being a symbol of hope for others who may be facing challenges in their own lives. In fact, my pen pal even wrote two books about my adventures, which has been a source of inspiration for many.

Despite my scoliosis, I am still an active and energetic penguin. I love swimming and playing with my colony mates, and I always make sure to show off my unique personality and charm to visitors. I’m grateful for the love and support I receive from my keepers and fans, and I hope to continue bringing joy and inspiration to all who meet me.

Age: 3

Sex: Female

Species: African Penguin