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Curry Skywalker

African Penguin

Hi, I’m Curry Skywalker, and I’m a unique African penguin here at the Pueblo Zoo. I may have only one foot, but that hasn’t stopped me from having fun and exploring my surroundings. I love to swim, and I’m always in the pool, showing off my swimming skills to visitors. After all, what’s better than a little splash?

I have an interesting story, too. When I was born, I developed an infection in my right foot. In order to prevent it from spreading, my right foot had to be amputated. But that’s okay because I love being in the water! When I’m not swimming, you can usually find me in my nest box, where I love to use enrichment items to decorate it.

I’m not picky about my food, either. I’ll eat any type or size of fish, and I’m easy to feed since I stay in the pool during feeding time. I’m also quite inquisitive and love to supervise the Keepers when they’re cleaning my pool. I’ll make sure they don’t miss a spot!

Despite my unique condition, I still have a strong desire to protect my nest and hope to one day have a mate to share it with. I’m a favorite among visitors to the Pueblo Zoo, and I love to show off my swimming skills and charm guests with my story.

Age: 7

Sex: Male

Species: African Penguin