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Northern Rockhopper Penguin

Hi there, I’m Bruce, one of the Northern Rockhopper Penguins here at Edinburgh Zoo. I’m 13 years old and quite the character! I’m named after Bruce Willis, and it’s not hard to see why – when I first arrived at the zoo from Vienna in 2012, I was bald like him and hadn’t yet grown my signature crest.

I love to interact with my keepers, and I’m known for being a bit flirty with them – even in front of my “wife” Pinhead! Every morning, I greet my keepers with a honk and follow them around throughout the day, making sure they’re doing their jobs properly.

Last year, I successfully reared and fledged my first chick, a wee girl named Frankie. I was a fantastic dad, if I do say so myself. It was an incredible experience, and I felt so proud to have played a part in bringing new life into the world.

Finally, I have to mention my claim to fame: I’m a GIF! A few years ago, Edinburgh Zoo posted a video of me jumping around in excitement at Christmas time, and it went viral. If you search for “jumping penguin” in the GIF search bar, you’ll find me!


Age: 13

Sex: Male

Species: Northern Rockhopper Penguin

  • RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland, United Kingdom