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African Penguin

Hi there, I’m Banks! I may have a bit of a reputation for being picky and difficult to warm up to, but I promise I have a heart of gold. When I first met my keepers, I was pretty defensive and even drew some blood! But now, I am the best of friends with them and come running whenever I hear my name or see them.

I am set to become the first ambassador penguin for our colony, and I take that responsibility very seriously. I love to please my keepers and show off my best behaviors. Seeing them smile and give me some preening is the ultimate reward for me! I am still a bit shy around new people, but I promise I’ll come around with a bit of patience and understanding.

I have a bit of a spoiled side, as I only eat herring. But can you blame me? They’re just so delicious! Overall, I am a loyal and loving penguin, and I hope to make my keepers and colony proud as an ambassador.

Age: 6

Sex: Male

Species: African Penguin