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Gentoo Penguin

I’m Anya, one of the friendliest Gentoo penguins you’ll ever meet! I just love hanging out with my keepers and snuggling up on their laps like we’re old friends. Sometimes I get a little jealous when other birds get attention, but I like to play the “baby card” and get some extra love.

I’m a playful guy and one of my favorite games is to try and swallow hose water. I just grab the end with my beak and let the water gather in my mouth. It’s so much fun! I also like to follow my keepers around during exhibit cleaning time and even try to steal their tools if they leave them on the ground.

I was one of the first Gentoo chicks successfully hatched at my site and my keepers have put so much love into raising me and my brother. I’m always so curious about everything around me and I get a bit upset when my keepers leave the exhibit. Sometimes I’ll even call for them through the door!

I think I should be nominated as an ambassador for successful enrichment and training. Guests just love watching me and my keepers together, and we always have so much fun playing with different ice shapes, like my favorite octopus! We even have “snowball fights” where we throw snowballs at the wall and I try to catch them before they break. It’s just such a joy to work with my keepers and bring joy to our visitors.

Age: 2

Sex: Male

Species: Gentoo Penguin