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African Penguin

Hi there, I’m Alastor, and I have one of the biggest personalities of all the penguins at the Rock! Being the first chick after a “dry spell” a few years ago, I’ve been well loved and a bit spoiled by my keepers. I tend to make my presence known and I love to follow my keepers around, sometimes “helping” them and other times just getting into mischief. I’m fiercely loyal to my favorite keepers and love to get attention from anyone willing to give it to me.

I’m a total ham and I love to put on a show for my admirers when I’m out in the pool. I’m not afraid of anything and I love to check out new things, which gives me the courage to remain confident and check out new situations. I’m very curious, which allows me to push around pool toys, chase bubbles, and check myself out in the mirror. I know I’m one handsome bird and I always get a lot of attention from visitors!

I believe I should be selected to let more people see my handsomeness and learn about my big personality at Memphis! I’m already a fan favorite to locals and I could definitely handle any new attention. My keepers and I know that I’m one of the best birds, and it’s only time that the rest of the world knows it too.

Age: 4

Sex: Male

Species: African Penguin