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Southern Rockhopper

Southern Rockhopper Penguins

Eudyptes chrysocome
The Southern Rockhopper Penguin is a member of the crested group of penguins.
Common Name: Southern Rockhopper Penguin
Scientific name: Eudyptes chrysocome
Population: 1.2 million breeding pairs
Weight: 2.8 kg – 3.0 kg, 45 cm –58 cm
Lifespan: 11.5 years
Conservation status: Vulnerable
Population Trend: Decreasing

Geographic Breeding Range: Argentina; Australian sub-Antarctic islands; Chile; Crozet Islands; Falkland Islands; Heard Island and McDonald Islands; Kerguelen Islands; New Zealand sub-Antarctic islands; Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands

Prey/diet: Fish, crustaceans and cephalopods
Distinguishing physical characteristics: Thin yellow superciliary stripes run backward above each eye and extend from the sides of the head as spiked yellow plumes. The bill is orange-red, feet and legs are pink, the eye is red. Differentiated from Northern Rockhopper Penguins by shorter plumes extending from the sides of the head on the Southern Rockhopper.

Fun Fact:

The first-laid egg (A egg) of these birds is usually smaller and lighter than the second (B egg)

Current Conservation Status

Population trends:

Decreasing arrow

Southern Rockhopper Penguin Conservation Status:


Range Map:

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