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Dr. Katrin Ludynia

Scientist Spotlight 2023

Dr. Katrin Ludynia

International Leader in Seabird Conservation

Dr. Katrin Ludynia, a renowned Marine Biologist with a PhD, spearheads the research department at SANCCOB. Her team is committed to examining the consequences of fishing activities and dwindling fish stocks on African penguins and other seabirds’ population dynamics.

The research department at SANCCOB also contributes valuable data on the condition of South African seabirds admitted for rehabilitation. This information covers oiled and entangled birds, those affected by pollution, and other threats to seabird survival, such as food scarcity and climate change. Shared with research institutions and government organizations, these findings play a crucial role in shaping conservation efforts. As part of the national transponder project led by SANCCOB, all released birds are equipped with transponders.

Interview with Dr. Katrin Ludynia

An International Leader

in Seabird Conservation

Dr. Ludynia's strategic leadership has positioned SANCCOB as a prominent force in seabird conservation. Her efforts have expanded collaborations with relevant domestic and international academic institutions and independent seabird researchers, solidifying SANCCOB's role as a thought leader in the field.

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