Royal Penguins

The Royal Penguin is a member of the crested group of penguins.
Common Name: Royal Penguin
Scientific name:  Eudyptes schlegeli
Population: 850,000 breeding pairs
Weight and height: 5.5 kg and 66 cm – 76 cm
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Conservation status: Near Threatened
Population Trend: Stable
Geographic Breeding Range: Australia (Macquarie Island; Bishop Island)
Prey/diet: Myctophid fishes, euphasiid crustaceans
Distinguishing physical characteristics: Conspicuous yellow crest feathers parted in the middle of the head, similar to Macaroni Penguins. Differentiated from Macaroni Penguin by a white or pale face on the Royal Penguin. The bill is heavy and orange or red in color, with a pink gape. Legs and feet are pink, eyes are dark red.
Interesting tidbit about Royal Penguins: The scientific name of the Royal Penguin commemorates the German zoologist Herman Schlegel.

Royal Penguin Range Map

Royal Penguin
population trends:

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Royal Penguin Conservation Status:

Near Threatened