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Only one penguin can be the CHAMPION!

What is this?

The Journey to Find a Champion

Get ready to cheer on your favorite penguins as they compete in a head-to-head battle to determine the ultimate champion. From the waddling Adélie to the regal Emperor, these flightless birds will leave it all on the ice in this exciting tournament.
Choose your winners and see if your predictions hold up throughout the competition. Will the speedy Chinstrap take home the trophy? Or will the powerful King Penguin reign supreme? It’s up to you to decide!
Follow along as we update the bracket and see which penguin will be crowned the champion of March Of The Penguin Madness. Let the games begin!


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Frequently asked questions

What is the March of the Penguin Madness (MOTPM) competition?

This is an education initiative presented as a competition to crown the world’s favorite penguin! Penguin contenders are nominated by employees at zoos, aquariums, museums, and other institutions that house penguins in human care. The individuals nominated serve as ambassadors to their wild counterparts encouraging the public to learn more about the 18 species of penguins on our planet, cultivate empathy for these flippered friends, and take action to protect wild penguins for future generations. Through a series of bracket style contests penguins compete for the title of “Peng Win Champion” and the public casts their votes on both social media (Instagram and Facebook) as well as on our website platform. The winner of the competition gains international recognition and a permanent place in the Iceberg Hall of Heroes! We hope that the keepers and staff at the participating institutions are able to honor their contenders with exciting enrichment and fishy treats (if possible!).

What is Penguins International?

Penguins International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Colorado, USA. Our mission is protecting penguins to protect the planet.  We achieve our mission through three key initiatives: community education, field conservation, and scientific research. These three activities go hand-in-hand to fully understand these amazing species of birds and protect them for all to cherish. We encourage you to explore our website (

to see more about the programs and projects we support!

How do I vote?

You can vote by clicking on the “Vote!” tab on our March of the Penguin Madness webpage. This is where the public can cast their ballots for their penguin favorites. Each penguin will be paired up and you can cast your vote with the simple click of a button. Voting on our website begins at 12:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time each Sunday and ends at 12:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time each Tuesday during the competition. This gives enough time for people around the globe to vote! 


We will also have voting available on Penguins International social media including Instagram stories ( and Facebook post reactions ( Social media voting will include two 24 hour rounds of Instagram story polls, as well as Facebook emoji reactions voting posts. We will total up all of the votes from social media every Wednesday evening of the competition Mountain Daylight Time.

Where do the monetary donations go on the Penguins International website?

Penguins International is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Colorado, USA and are tax exempt (EIN# 81-5397749). All donations that are made to Penguins International support our mission Protecting Penguins to Protect the Planet which includes funding scientific research, field conservation programs, and community education initiatives. In the past we have supported researchers like Dr. Michelle LaRue’s work on Emperor Penguins, international penguin programs like The Punta San Juan Program and SANCCOB.

Why isn’t the previous winner competing in this year’s contest?

Penguins that have made it to the Peng Win Championships (Final two) are not participating in the new competition in order to give other penguins and institutions a chance at the title. Last year’s winner, King Spike from Birdland Park and Gardens < > will be involved in a special “passing of the crown” style engagement for the finale. As part of our Iceberg Hall of Heroes, the final two have their names carved in ice forever! King Spike will serve proudly as the mascot for the current competition since he is already beloved by the public. We have some exciting things planned to involve previous winners in this year’s competition! Institutions with penguins that have made it to the Peng Win Championship (Final two) are still able to nominate other penguins at their institution

Where do the penguin nominees come from?

Penguins International is a conservation partner of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and the AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers). All eighteen species of penguin live below the equator and most people don’t have the funding or opportunities to travel to the far-off places penguins inhabit. Working with zoos and aquariums around the world gives people the chance to connect with penguin ambassadors and learn about their wild counterparts. Zoos and aquariums that have penguins in the competition meet industry standard husbandry practices for their animal collections, which include proper programs for medical care, welfare, behavior, and whole-life care. Facilities with penguins also provide conservation and/or education programming. Conservation programming includes involvement in research including Species Survival Plans (SSP), Taxon Advisory Groups (TAG), and Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) programs. Education programming includes both onsite and online community engagement opportunities that provide the public with information about penguin biology, conservation storytelling, and tangible action plans (ex. providing Seafood Watch Guides for sustainable seafood choices.) as well as supporting wild penguins with conservation dollars. We review each penguin nomination with care.

What does the winner of the competition receive?

The Peng Win Champion will earn a permanent place in the Iceberg Hall of Heroes,  the most prestigious and frosty award designed for penguin royalty. They may adorn their regal plumage with a one-of-a-kind crown*. Culinary experts will craft a personalized menu featuring the finest selection of fish, squid, and krill – a fishy feast worthy of a global champion*. The esteemed role as a Global Penguin Ambassador, spreading awareness of penguin conservation efforts worldwide inspiring generations of fledgling penguins to strive for greatness. 


We like to encourage participating institutions to create celebrations of their own to involve the local community, provide exciting enrichment to the penguins, or offer educational opportunities at their facility. Please check their websites on each penguin profile to see what events are taking place. Mark your calendar, the competition ends in time for World Penguin Day (April 25), a great time to generate some excitement for penguins! 


*Penguins International is not responsible for providing these prizes as they are purely fictional. However we strongly encourage zookeepers and aquarists at participating institutions to reward penguin competitors with tasty fish, fun enrichment activities, and lots of love!

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