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Iceberg Hall of Heroes

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Iceberg Hall of Heroes, a unique and awe-inspiring tribute to the champions of March of The Penguin Madness! As you explore our frosty halls, you will discover the stories of the bravest, most innovative, and dedicated penguins who have left an indelible mark on their community.

Each exhibit has been carefully curated to celebrate these extraordinary individuals and their achievements. You will be immersed in the captivating and often overlooked history of our feathered friends, gaining a deeper appreciation for their resilience and ingenuity.

We are delighted to have you join us on this icy adventure, as we uncover the tales of the winged heroes who have conquered challenges and thrived in the harshest of environments. Prepare to be inspired, as you waddle through the Iceberg Hall of Heroes!

Warm Regards,The Penguins International Team

March Of The Penguin Madness 2023



Spike, the King Penguin, has quite the story to tell. Born in 2007, he faced adversity from the start, as his parents were unable to care for him. Luckily, dedicated staff members stepped in to hand rear him, allowing Spike to grow up and develop an outgoing and curious personality.

Spike quickly gained attention for his magnetic charm, and with the help of social media, he has shared his adventures with penguin enthusiasts worldwide. Currently, he boasts over 15,000 followers on Facebook, along with active Instagram and Twitter profiles where he shares updates and photos.

Spike had the incredible opportunity to work with Sir David Attenborough, discussing the importance of conservation and wildlife protection. This collaboration fueled his passion for working with like-minded individuals and organizations to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Not only is Spike passionate about conservation, but he also has a great sense of humor. He has contributed to choosing jokes that appear on the back of penguin chocolate bars, bringing a smile to fans everywhere.

Spike is always on the lookout for his next adventure, whether it’s exploring his habitat, socializing with fellow penguins, or engaging with his fans. In 2022, Spike proudly won the prestigious March of the Penguin Madness competition, thanks to the support of his fans.

At 15 years old, Spike is a male King Penguin who stands 3.1 ft (95 cm) tall and weighs 33 lbs (15 kg). He loves swimming, diving, waddling, and making people smile. His diet consists mainly of fish and squid.

As a reigning champion, Spike is dedicated to using his fame for good. He actively seeks ways to raise awareness about the challenges faced by penguins and other marine life. By following Spike’s adventures on social media, fans can join him in working towards a better future for all the planet’s inhabitants.

Spike lives at:

Birdland Park and Gardens

Rissington Rd,
Glos, GL54 2BN

Second Place:


Mai, an African Penguin, is known for her sassy and assertive personality. Often compared to Monica from the television show “Friends,” Mai is unafraid to express herself and ensure everything runs smoothly within her colony. She has a particular penchant for building her nest to perfection, even going so far as to “borrow” nesting materials from her sister.

Though one of the smaller penguins, Mai has a voracious appetite and is quite the social butterfly. She maintains excellent relationships with her fellow penguins and handlers, displaying her curious, adventurous, and protective nature.

For a long time, Mai lived in the shadow of her sister Tai, but she eventually carved out her own unique identity within the colony of strong personalities. She discovered a passion for painting and has since made a name for herself as an artist. Mai’s paintings, featuring bold colors, footsteps, and distinctive tail strokes, have raised hundreds of dollars for charity.

At 13 years old, Mai is a female African Penguin who remains humble despite her artistic success. Her love for food and painting is matched only by her love for her colony mates, and she continues to enjoy every moment of life.

In the March of the Penguin Madness competition, Mai proudly took second place, showcasing her unique charm and artistic talent. Though she didn’t secure the top spot, Mai’s efforts in the competition and her dedication to her art have won her countless admirers. Through her creativity and perseverance, she has emerged as a beloved figure in her own right, inspiring penguin enthusiasts everywhere.


Mai lives at:

Hyatt Regency Maui

200 Nohea Kai Drive

Lahaina, Hawaii, USA, 96761-1985