Colony of African penguins on a beach with large brown rocks. The water behind them is a blue-green color. There is a large logo centered in the image that reads "Penguin Incubator Project" in Blue and there is an image of an egg with a crack in it beneath a yellow lamp.

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African Penguin Colonies

Colony links accessible to those with a digital collectible

Bird Island Colony (Algoa Bay)
Boulders Colony Simon’s Town
Dassen Island Colony
De Hoop Marine Reserve Colony
Dyer Island Colony
Malgas Island Colony
Robben Island Colony
St Croix Island Colony
Stony Point Colony

Current Number of Incubators Supported: 2

SANCCOB (The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) supports African penguin conservation through numerous programs including their Chick Bolstering Project and Ranger Program.

The African Penguin Incubator Project (PIP) was an idea created by Mount Vista High School Senior, Zafron Castagnaro. She launched Conservation Companions LLC to make this idea a reality and pulled together Denver-based organizations EthDenver, New FronTier Works , The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund and Penguins International to open the general public’s eyes to the opportunities this technology enables for conservation.