Chinstrap Penguins

The Chinstrap Penguin is easily distinguished by the conspicuous ear-to-ear black strap under the chin. Chinstraps are members of the brush-tailed group of penguins.
Common Name: Chinstrap Penguin
Scientific name: Pygoscelis antarctica
Population: 4 million breeding pairs
Weight and height: 3.5 kg – 5.5 kg, 68 cm –76 cm
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Conservation status: Least Concern
Population Trend: Decreasing
Chinstrap Penguins
Chinstrap Penguins
Chinstrap Penguin
Geographic Breeding Range: Western Antarctic Peninsula; Bouvet Island; South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands; South Orkney Islands
Prey/diet: Krill and smaller amounts of fish
Distinguishing physical characteristics: Black above with white face and white underparts. Conspicuous black strap that runs from ear to ear below the chin. Eyes are reddish brown, bill is black, feet are pink or orange.
Interesting tidbit about Chinstrap Penguins: Chinstrap Penguins are the smallest of the brush-tailed penguins but are known for their exceptionally feisty behavior.

Chinstrap Penguin
population trends:

Decreasing arrow

Chinstrap Penguin Conservation Status:

Least Concern

Chinstrap Penguin Range Map

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