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Do you have a passion for penguins?

Have a knack for writing and communication?

Penguins International is excited to announce that we are now accepting volunteer applications for contributors!

Blog contributors help keep our penguin community engaged and up-to-date on the latest penguin news globally. Topics range from penguin biology to describing the latest ocean policies, together we aim to expand penguin knowledge to the public through storytelling. Whether you’re a professional penguin researcher or just someone with a deep love for these incredible creatures, we’d love to hear from you.

Join the Penguins International as a volunteer contributor today! Your perspective is valuable and can inspire others in the global community. Although our blogs are written in English, we would love to welcome translators!

Please note that if accepted as a volunteer blog contributor, all submitted content will be reviewed by a member of our team at Penguins International to ensure accuracy and credibility.

Submit your application below and let your passion for penguins shine. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Example Content By Our Wonderful Contributors

African Penguin nest box

Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation calls for drastic measures or African Penguins on track for extinction

| Blog | No Comments
To encourage conservation and public awareness of the plight of African penguins, Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation’s #Not on Our Watch campaign is planning a Worldwide Waddle on October 14, 2023.…
Southern Rockhopper Penguins

Penguins and the Evolution of Technology

| Blog | No Comments
Penguins and the Evolution of Technology by Nataly H. AranzamendiThe advance of technology has brought a new dimension to our lives. Now it is increasing our knowledge of penguins’ lives…

Penguins Wrapped in Plastic

| Blog | One Comment
Penguins Wrapped in Plastic by Nataly H. AranzamendiEvery day we encounter more and more animals affected by our plastic consumption and penguins are not the exception. Can we do something…
Penguin skin showing feather density

Penguins are overheating! Yep, you read that right!

| Blog | One Comment
Penguins are overheating! Yep, you read that right! By Beth Storey-Jones What do you imagine when you think of penguins?  Highly adapted? Caring parents?  Amazing swimmers?  Looking fly in their…