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Making a Difference in Penguin Conservation With Your Help

African Penguin #NOOW

African Penguin populations are rapidly disappearing. Not On Our Watch (#NOOW) is an African Penguin survival campaign to save these creatures.


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What We are Doing And Why

We love penguins, and they’re so much more than cute, cuddly birds that waddle and swim. They are true sentinels of the health of our planet.

They also need your help. Their survival is at risk due to constant environmental threats that have negative effects on their well-being. We can’t do this alone, but together, we can all make a difference.

Penguins International is dedicated to penguin conservation and research to help understand the issues that penguins face and how we can join together to protect the future of these amazing creatures. We work hard with our various penguin conservation and research projects to advance this mission.

Who We Are